TUG-O-LOVE? What’s that?

It has become a tradition at the Yellowstone Annual Conference mission evening to have a friendly Tug-o-Love. It is a fun competition between teams to raise money for different mission projects. Teams include people ranging in age from teens to people in their 70s. Prowess is not necessary – enthusiasm, fun-loving spirit, and willingness to pull for bragging rights is all that is needed. The event will take place at the Mission Dinner and Celebration on Friday evening, June 8 in Ogden, Utah. Clergy, lay persons, and youth are encouraged to sign up!

This year the teams will be made up of people from Yellowstone Conference and Rocky Mountain Conference. Each team will represent a disaster – not to imply that they are a disaster, but because the money being raised will support disaster relief and the Angola Pastors project (which is not a disaster!).

We'd like YOU to join a team!

Each team will have 10 members, but only 2 are "freebies". For every $125 raised by the team, another person is added to the actual "pull". The goal is to raise at least $3,000 for each ministry. Each team will have a different colored T-shirt that can be picked up at registration.

Click here to sign up to be on a team! By the end of May you will be contacted and assigned to a team. Teams will be formed mixing YAC and RMC members, youth and oldsters, males and females.

Money can be raised beginning any time, and we encourage team members to begin in their home church. In Yellowstone Conference, it has often happened that team members are soliciting funds during conference. This year, all money must be collected and turned in by 2 p.m. Friday, June 8, before the picnic. All money raised will be split evenly between the conference disaster response fund and Angola pastors.

Click here for details and to donate! Share this link with your friends and family!


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