November 28, 2016

Friends of Yellowstone Conference,


“I want to thank Yellowstone Conference for their support with          supplement salary for the pastors in United Methodist Church East Angola, because it is the only income most of us and our families survive on. I have particularly benefited a lot from this support because I managed to pay school fees for my education at Quessua High School, where I graduated at the 12th grade last year. I also enrolled for a Bible course at the Faculty of Theology, where the savings from your support has enabled me to buy writing materials for my studies.  I am also supporting my two siblings with school fees with the same stipend.”  Pastor Famoloso Domingoes Serrote, age 24

The pastors we support in East Angola are doing essential ministry and changing the lives of people in need. Pastor Serrote has been a pastor for four years.  You may wonder why he has just finished high school.   For almost 40 years Angola suffered through wars- first for independence, then a civil war.  Whole generations missed out on an education.  Angola was on a path of rebuilding, until the drop in oil prices severely impacted their economy.


Rev. Andre Cassule visited Yellowstone Conference this past spring.  He traveled all across our conference sharing his story of faith and ministry, and the impact that Yellowstone Conference is having half-way around the world in small villages and towns in Angola.  His ministry is not only on weekends when he enriches peoples lives in faith, but he has also started an agricultural project for the people in his village where they raise food together (cassava in the photo) to benefit the individuals and the church.  Here are some of his words:

“After graduating from Africa University and being ordained I was    appointed to Kiwab’nozi UMC.  I was there two years and was not being paid.  I wanted to give up.  But, I started receiving money from Yellowstone Conference.  From this money I helped my sister and my mom, and paid for school fees for my kids and food for my family.”

You can watch a short video of him by clicking here.

The United Methodist Church in the U.S.A. faces struggles and uncertainties right now.  But what IS certain is this: The pastors we support in East Angola are doing essential ministry, and changing lives.  WE have the opportunity to offer hope.  Your continued support of pastors is needed.  $50 a month makes a difference.  As Rev. Cassule said:

“My family and I need you in order to serve Jesus.”

You can give through your church using Advance # 3021453 (Angola pastor support), or by going to and use the above Advance #.  Learn more and find resources for Angola pastors  by going to

Your continued support is important, and appreciated. 

                                               Sally McConnell








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