Mission Minute

Annual Conference Will Raise Money for Missions

At the 2018 Joint Annual Conference in Ogden, Utah, two traditions of mission fundraising from each conference will be highlighted. Yellowstone's Tug-o-Love will be held at the Mission Dinner and Celebration on Friday night, June 8 and Rocky Mountain's Bridge of Love Offering will take place on Saturday morning, June 9.

This year, the teams for the Tug-o-Love will be comprised of people from Yellowstone and Rocky Mountain conferences. Each team will represent a disaster – not to imply that they are a disaster – but because the money raised will support disaster response and the Angola Pastors project. Click here to sign up to be on a team. Everyone welcome! Click here to donate to a team

Annual Conference attendees can bring money they have already collected for the Bridge of Love Offering to give on Saturday morning. Churches across both conferences are encouraged to collect offering money in any way that works for them: special offering, loose change offering or a fundraiser. The Bridge of Love Offering, a tradition of the Rocky Mountain Conference, this year will be a partnership of the Rocky Mountain and Yellowstone conferences. Two rural communities have been selected to receive the offering funds to support projects that benefit people on the margins in the Mountain Sky Area: Polson United Methodist Church in Polson, Montana and the Arkansas Valley Circuit in southeast Colorado.



Remember to Collect UMCOR Supplies

This year Yellowstone Conference will collect ANY one of the 3 kits – cleaning, hygiene or school – at annual conference. Each church can decide whether to collect all the items needed for a kit, or to focus on two or three items. The kit supplies will be sorted and assembled during the immersion day at annual conference on June 8.
If your pastor or lay person attending conference in Ogden is going to ride one of the buses that have been chartered, there will be room on the bus for the supplies.

Click on this link to get the list of items that go in each kit.



Latest Newsletter from Missionary Kutela Katembo

We thank God for keeping us alive once again in this New Year so that together, we can continue doing His mission as you continue supporting us and the Quessua Mission community in different ways. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and thank God for using you as an instrument of tremendous support to Quessua Agriculture project. Your love is shining through!

We have already used the planter to sow beans and we are really proud of it as an essential tool for our farm. With the next rainy season in September we hope to do more and more in order to have an abundance of produce. Click here to read more of his newsletter.


Walmart Donates to Blackfeet Reservation Disaster Response

A Bigfork Community UMC lay person, Karen Sykes, volunteered at the Blackfeet United Methodist Parish (BUMP) for a week at the Command Center during the winter blizzard disaster response. She also stopped by Walmart in Kalispell to apply for a grant to support the effort. Pastor Kelly Addy recently picked up the ceremonial check for $2,000!


MSU Bozeman Campus Ministry Mission to El Salvador

By Ann Dickensheets, TNT Campus Ministry, Bozeman, Montana

Over spring break this year, nine students and two adults from TNT, the Methodist campus ministry at Montana State University in Bozeman, traveled to El Salvador to work with two Christian schools. During the week, the MSU students taught a science lesson, tutored students in English and acted out Bible stories, reaching over 500 children, ages 4 to 15. They spent the first part of their week working with Siloe, a small K-9 school, located in a very poor, gang controlled neighborhood in a suburb of San Salvador. Later in the week, they traveled to the city of Ahuachapan, where the Evangelical Methodist movement began in 1994. They spent their time teaching science and acting out Bible stories at the Methodist Pre K- 8th grade school, and working on a new Methodist church. One evening they attended a beautiful church service, honoring women’s work in the church. The guest speaker was one of the female pastors. Click here to read more.


Visit to Angola Comes with Laughter

By Gloria Edwards, Bozeman UMC, Montana

On Sunday, Nov. 5, 2017 Joanna Griffin and I went with Kutela Katembo, Agriculturalist at Quessua Mission, to the church in Kalendula in Angola. This church may be one of the farthest churches the Yellowstone Conference supports but it is one of the closest in my heart. It is the generous spirit of the people here that I will always cherish. Let me explain by telling you of our unforgettable  experience.

The pastor at Kalendula UMC greeted us and asked if we would go with him to a new church called Luxilo UMC that he is helping to establish, before we attend the regular service at the Kalendula church. He said Luxilo only has about 20 members since they are brand new. Reverend Alfredo Quipaca is the pastor there and greeted us warmly. He led us through the whole village and people held our hands as they shouted in Portuguese and Kimbundu, "Come out! Come out! We have visitors!". Everyone was singing and dancing and it was quite the reception. Too soon we were told it was time to go back to Kalendula for the church service. Reverend Quipaca made us promise to come back after the service for 'just a few minutes, it is very important.' Of course we said yes.

After the service at Kalendula, we once again piled in the van and went to Luxilo. We were met with more singing and dancing and then led into a home. Click here to read the end of the story!



Texas UMVIM Team Helps Restore Two Homes

By Linda Conners, Epworth UMC, Kalispell, Montana

The week of April 15, I experienced the joy of helping others in the name of Christ as part of the United Methodist Church. Along with eight men and women I assisted in repairing damage from hurricane Harvey to two homes in Rockport and Aransas Pass, Texas.

Together our group laid flooring in one home and did sheet rock finishing and painting in the other. Identified by UMCOR, neither of these families had the resources to restore their homes. Each family, however, had faith that God would care for them. Their faith inspired me to trust God more fully in my own life. Much work remains to be done restoring property and lives. Our challenge as Christians is not to ask do we help, but how can we help. Whether by joining a work team, giving financial support or prayer, each of us can help. The United Methodist Church is making a difference in the lives of people. Please consider prayerfully how you can help.

By Jim Robison-Cox, Bozeman UMC, Montana

Joe and Tina’s house in Aransas Pass, Texas was hit hard by Hurricane Harvey on Aug. 24, 2017. They had evacuated and were not hurt, but came back to find the roof half gone and the exterior looking like it had been sand blasted. Within weeks news of Harvey was replaced by news of other disasters, and it was easy to forget that the Texas coast had been hit so hard. We learned that over 8,000 people have applied to FEMA for help, that the agencies like UMCOR working with these people expect it to take four to five years to get to everyone. Imagine knocking on a door four years from now to tell people we’re ready to help them.

The list of people involved in recovery is really long. The Sinton UMC provided housing. We worked alongside volunteers from Massachusetts, San Antonio, and Corpus Christi. The number of people involved with our team is much bigger than the nine that traveled from Montana and Wyoming, and more are needed.


UMCOR Grants Continue to Support Ongoing Recovery

UMCOR’s board of directors approved an unprecedented amount in the form of grants during the annual spring board meeting. More than $46 million was awarded in support of disaster relief and recovery, global health projects and sustainable development, all made possible by your gifts!


Empowering Indigenous Communities For Mother and Child Health

Organization for the Development of the Indigenous Maya (ODIM) and Global Ministries are reducing the rates of maternal and child morbidity through community-empowerment programs like Healthy Mommy and Me. Founded in 2005, ODIM offers health services and educational programs focused on building local capacity in small towns around Lake Atitlán, home to the Tz’utujil tribe. Healthy Mommy and Me integrates health care, education, supplementation, and support groups for participants. Through funding support from Global Ministries, ODIM’s maternal and newborn program is reaching 733 women and children among indigenous Mayan communities. Click here to read more.


United Methodist missionaries work in more than 60 countries around the world, come from many places and backgrounds, and witness and serve in dramatically different locales and cultures. Explore their work, and consider how you can support their efforts today.

For more information regarding the above stories or to submit content for “It Worked for Us”, contact Sally McConnell, Missions Coordinator.

Be sure to keep checking the Yellowstone Conference website for updates on current missionaries or conference happenings.

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